LAUREN WALBRUGH Presenter Lauren is hard-working, and focussed on the improvement of our station. She’s also completed her Radio Programming Learnership and joined […]
LETITIA NEL Presenter Letitia is an adorable young woman who’s passionate about matters pertaining to youth and youth development. After completing her Radio […]
NEO MOORCROFT Presenter Neo is a dynamic corporate leader who focuses on corporate affairs and the furtherance of industrial development in the West […]
BISHOP GERT TITUS Presenter The Bishop prefers to be called “Oom Gert” and he’s been actively bringing the gospel to West Coasters for […]
JACQUELINE TAMRI Presenter Jacqueline Tamri has competencies in the areas of project management, change management, skills facilitation as well as personal and professional […]
ROWAN LAMONT Presenter Rowan is a dedicated husband, father, entrepreneur and activist for social justice; particularly for homeless persons in the Western Cape. […]
NANA STAPELBERG Presenter Nana is well-known and revered performer in South African Arts circles. She’s best described as a “Jill of All Trades” […]
SIKHO MJEMBEZI Presenter Sikho started his career as radio presenter at Khanya Community Radio as news collector and later news reader. Sikho is […]
JONATHAN MANUEL Presenter Jonathan holds an honors degree in social studies and currently doing service at a local youth development agency. Community development […]
ANITA SENEKAL Presenter Anita carries a wonderfully contagious aura. She’s an entrepreneur and runs a number of charities in the West Coast. She’s […]